Reset windows 7 password

Change windows 7 user password How to Reset or change Microsoft Windows 7 Password ( The simple way to process for reset or change windows 7 Password , here the way of best steps to Reset user password for windows 7 in easy way.) Some of computers user account should not name as Administrator because the owner or Administrator changed name or added administrator accounts with others user names, in this case you must be check the account type of windows user should be assign as Administrator account . Please check properly before change computer password Follow step by step to create or change Password. Step1 Go to Star t from your computer Start Step2 Control Panel >>> Step3 User Accounts >>> Step4 Manage user Accounts >>> Step5 Select User Name  Click on Reset Password >>> Enter: New Password Enter: Confirm new Password Click > OK Restart your Compute

There was problem sending the command to program

There was problem sending the command to program How to solve excel error of  - There was Problem sending the command to program  How to solve these type of error if you facing problem to open Excel / Word / PowerPoint or Microsoft Excel has stopped working I am going to tell you two simple and easy step to solve your problem easily by using these following steps. Step1 >>>> 1. Open Microsoft Excel program, then click Excel option . 2. Click to advanced and scroll down to go General . 3. In General uncheck   ignore other application that use dynamic data exchange (DDE) - Picture as below 4. Restart your computer  If you have still same problem in your Microsoft Excel please don't worry, go to other steps below. Step2 >>>> 1. Go to start menu and find / type " Excel " in above list Microsoft Excel 2. Right click on the Microsoft Excel and click" Open the Location " 3. Right clic

How to Reset forgotten Password for Windows

How to Reset forgotten Password for Windows if you not remember  Reset forgotten Password for windows 10/8/7 Here some steps of resetting Forgotten Password for Windows in Simple and Easy ways. Step1: Put any bootable CD/DVD/USB in your Computer Step2: Restart the Computer Step3: Go to bootable option by pressing function key F12 Step4: Select boot menu like CD/DVD/USB - Press to Enter Step5: Boot from option like CD/DVD/USB Press Enter Step6: Click to Next Step7: Go to " Repair your Compute r " - Select / Click Step8: Choose the option " Troubleshoot " Step9: Click Advanced Options Step10: Click to Command Prompt Step11: Navigate your drive where Windows installed Step12: By checking x:\sources c : or d hit enter Step13: c:\ or d:\ Press enter Step14: d:\> cd windows Press enter Step15: d:\windows\>cd system32 Press enter   Step16: d:\windows\system32 > ren utilman.e