How to Share a Folder on WIFI Network

How to Share a Folder on WIFI Network

Folder configuration and sharing

 In same WIFI Network you can easily share folder to other WIFI connected computers

Here follow some steps to configure

Step1. how to configure folder for sharing

Create a folder name in your computer

Right click over Folder go to properties

move your cursor and click on sharing

on above click to Share

Choose people on your network to share with everyone to add 

Then click on share button. 

Step2. How to configure network sharing

Open Control panel > Network and Internet > Network and sharing Center

Click on change advanced sharing settings

on the area above change sharing option go to current profile domain

following have to do click below 

Network discovery

                        Turn on Network discovery

File and Printer Sharing

                        Turn on file and Printer sharing

Public folder sharing

                        Turn on Public folder sharing

Media Streaming

                       Click on choose media streaming options

 Show device on [ All Networks] to Allowed then press OK

File sharing connection

                         Click Enable file sharing for device that use 40 or 56 bit encryption

Click on [ Save change ]

Step3. How to connect Folder on second computer 

Go to Second computer which connected on same network / WIFI

Open > Network > Click on First computer which display on screen

right click over Folder name  and click map network drive (Z).

click on second computer drive 

See network location there your folder






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