Schedule outgoing email outlook

How to Schedule on Outgoing email in Outlook

Set an email to send out at a particular date and time in outlook 2016 and others

 Particular date and time

When sending an email to the persons and decide you want that email to go out from your outbox in a particular date and time in outlook

Here some step to follow

Step 1. Open New Email

New Email

Put email address in To and CC as per required

Message outlook

Step 2. Go to Options Menu

Outlook Options

Step 3. Move your Cursor to Delay Delivery in More option

Click Delay Delivery

Delay Delivery

Step 4. Go to Delivery Option section 

Put your Date and Time in Do not delivery before and also Expire after in Date and Time (See Picture below)

Delivery Options

Click Close

Step 5: Click Send

Send email

Now your email is in Outbox, after finished the Date and Time, it will reached to addressee.


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