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There was problem sending the command to program

There was problem sending the command to program How to solve excel error of  - There was Problem sending the command to program  How to solve these type of error if you facing problem to open Excel / Word / PowerPoint or Microsoft Excel has stopped working I am going to tell you two simple and easy step to solve your problem easily by using these following steps. Step1 >>>> 1. Open Microsoft Excel program, then click Excel option . 2. Click to advanced and scroll down to go General . 3. In General uncheck   ignore other application that use dynamic data exchange (DDE) - Picture as below 4. Restart your computer  If you have still same problem in your Microsoft Excel please don't worry, go to other steps below. Step2 >>>> 1. Go to start menu and find / type " Excel " in above list Microsoft Excel 2. Right click on the Microsoft Excel and click" Open the Location " 3. Right clic