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Recover flash drive data

How to recover flash drive files and How to recover Hard disk drive files if infected by virus Restoring Flash drive files or Recover Hard Disk drive files and folders   which is   hidden by Virus and showing Shortcut type Virus in flash drive and Virus infected Hard disk drive data are showing shortcuts. What the virus usually do to your files, they modify the attributes and parameters of the folders. which is hides, it is very simple to Recover flash drive data and Recover Hard disk drive data attributes to view the hidden files and scan again by using any good Antivirus as well as delete the shortcut after retrieving your hidden files and Folders Here I mention unhide files hidden by virus or usb shortcut virus and fix drive without formatting in simple steps by using the attribute commands from the command prompt First, make sure that drives are connected and find the drive name (Eg. D/E/F) Flash drive location is F here Virus on flash drive