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password protect documents

Password protect documents How to protect excel sheet with password  / Word / PowerPoint  templates documents (Here I mentions some easy steps to protect excel document with password or Word document or  PowerPoint templates  document   by using password) Securing your data of MS office documents with password protection  is very important at bottom level you should password protect word document your files of excel /word / PowerPoint to save your document in easy way here just follow some step to  how you put password of your workshee t / documents  Open your Document (Excel / Word / PowerPoint) Step1: Click on Top Office Button Step2 : Go to the section Prepare Step3 : Move your cursor and Click " Encrypt Document " Step4: Enter Password Step5 : Reenter Password Click OK Now your document file is protected by password Save and Close your document and open again .................................................

Windows 10 Password Change

Windows 10 Password Change How to Change/ Reset User Password for Windows 10    To Change Windows 10 Password or reset Windows 10 password and setup with a new password when you leave your computer to protect by password for other users using of your Computer Here the options the for Windows 10 password change in simple way, if you using local account or administrator account on running Microsoft windows 10 to create new password . Follow these lines   Go to Control Panel Move and click on User Accounts Click on again User Accounts Click on Manage Account Click on Selected USER Click on Change Password Enter Current Password Enter New Password Enter Confirm new Password Click of Change Password Restart your computer and login with New Password Now your old password change into New password

Create New user of Windows 10

Create New user of Windows 10 How to Create a New User account for Windows 10 without Sign in Microsoft account Windows10 can create two types of user account, there are local accounts and Microsoft account . The Microsoft account it can creates online profile but Local account is General account of your device can setup administrator for advanced use. Go to Control Panel Step1: Click on User Accounts Step2: Click on User Accounts Step3: Click on Manage another account Step4: Click on Add a New user in PC Setting Step5: Click on Add someone else to the this PC Step6: Click on I don't have this persons sign information Step7:Click on Add a User without a Microsoft account Step8: Create an Account for this PC Step9: Put some security question in case you forget your password to be recover  Step10: Next User Creation is done now  Restart your computer   Login with new user and password

Reset windows 7 password

Change windows 7 user password How to Reset or change Microsoft Windows 7 Password ( The simple way to process for reset or change windows 7 Password , here the way of best steps to Reset user password for windows 7 in easy way.) Some of computers user account should not name as Administrator because the owner or Administrator changed name or added administrator accounts with others user names, in this case you must be check the account type of windows user should be assign as Administrator account . Please check properly before change computer password Follow step by step to create or change Password. Step1 Go to Star t from your computer Start Step2 Control Panel >>> Step3 User Accounts >>> Step4 Manage user Accounts >>> Step5 Select User Name  Click on Reset Password >>> Enter: New Password Enter: Confirm new Password Click > OK Restart your Compute