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How to Share a Printer on WIFI Network

How to Share a Printer on WIFI Network Printer configuration and sharing   In the same WIFI Network you can easily share printer to other WIFI connected computers Here follow some steps to configures ans sharing Note: Install to printer in first computer Step1. how to configure your printer for sharing Start > go to Devices and printer  Area inside Printer and Faxes Right click over installed printer and reached to printer properties move your cursor and click on Sharing on above click to Share the printer check box Apply and OK Step2 . How to configure network sharing Open Control panel > Network and Internet > Network and sharing Center Click on change advanced sharing settings on the area above change sharing option go to current profile domain Following have to do click below  Network discovery                              ✔ Turn on Network discovery File and Printer Sharing                              ✔ Turn on file and Printer sharing Public folder sharing