Reset windows 7 password

Change windows 7 user password

How to Reset or change Microsoft Windows 7 Password

windows 7 password

(The simple way to process for reset or change windows 7 Password , here the way of best steps to Reset user password for windows 7 in easy way.)
Some of computers user account should not name as Administrator because the owner or Administrator changed name or added administrator accounts with others user names, in this case you must be check the account type of windows user should be assign as Administrator account. Please check properly before change computer password

Follow step by step to create or change Password.

Go to Start from your computer
Windows 7 Start

Control Panel >>>
Control Panel
User Accounts >>>
User Accounts

Manage user Accounts >>>
Manage user Accounts


Select User Name 
Click on Reset Password >>>
Reset Password

Enter: New Password
Enter: Confirm new Password
New Password

Click > OK

Restart your Computer and Login with New Password.


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